Energy Healing Is Not What You Think!

So many times, when I tell people about energy healing, there is a clear non-verbal sidestep that speaks volumes. I cannot truly know what everyone is thinking, but if I can assume just a bit, I believe the words ‘energy healing’ creates fear of the unknown. Also, a large lump of skepticism.
But, truly, energy healing is not what you may think. It is the natural way we are able to tune into our bodies and listen. We all have this incredible ability to look inside and balance what has been thrown out of whack. However, in the world we live in today, we have been conditioned to believe the answers are “out there” and not within.
Below I list six misconceptions about energy healing and instead bring light to the truth of what it is.
 1. Energy healing is a form of woo-woo magic / weird stuff
Energy healing is simply the ability to remove blocks from your energy system. Once these blocks are removed, your body is able to balance and heal. There is no magic. No weird stuff.
In fact, it is a very natural process. Your body heals itself all the time, every day. Think about when you have a cold, your body’s natural defenses step in and work to heal you. Energy healing is just the extra reminder to your body that something is off-balance and that it needs attention.
2. The practitioner is the healer
This one is such a misunderstanding and I believe holds some people back from trying energy healing. It enables you to see what you already know subconsciously, but the healer does not heal you, you do. Just like your body heals from a cold, you are the one that heals the emotional blocks.
3. If you heal from energy healing, it is just a placebo effect
The placebo effect is proof positive that our bodies have the incredible ability to heal themselves. There are volumes of evidence about the placebo effect and how we can self-heal emotional and physical symptoms. Therefore, if you believe energy healing is a placebo effect, all you are really saying is that you can heal yourself. Not so terrible huh?
 4. Energy healing and science do not mix
I am not a scientist and do not pretend to be one. However, there is so much talk about science and energy healing and how they weave well into one another. The basics are physics: we are all made up of molecules that are constantly vibrating. Your vibrational
level is constantly evolving at different levels, low and high. When you are stuck in lower-level vibrations, you feel it, and it does not feel good. It is through energy healing that you
can remove blocks and get your energy flowing again. This brings your vibration to a higher
level, and you begin to match other molecules vibrating at that higher level. It feels good.
 5. Energy healing is a magic pill
This is very important to understand. I may work with a client once and the next day
if they are not completely healed, they believe it did not work. Let’s put this in perspective,
if you break your leg and the treatment is having it set and put in a cast, you are
patient in the weeks ahead with the healing process. The same goes for energy
healing. You may have very complex blocks and layers that need to be addressed,
therefore it takes time to get the energy flowing and balanced With that being said,
sometimes there is spontaneous healing, but more than not, it takes time.
6. You need special powers to heal or help others heal
There are no special powers to help others. It’s merely a mirror that reflects back
to you what needs to be seen. That is why my tag line is ” You got this.
Energy healing is an amazing tool in your life’s toolbox. I am proof positive it works, as it helped me get over crippling anxiety. I specialize in tapping and quantum healing, helping children and adults overcome anxiety and other emotional/physical issues.

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