“Drop everything and come to my office now….”

By Laila Hardy Johnson ~

Those were the chilling words my oncologist said to me when we were still trying to figure out if Leukemia had returned after 9 years of remission! Terrified and pregnant, we took the longest ride to Manhattan. It’s hard for me to believe that was 4 years ago. I spent most of my pregnancy in treatment and once Luke arrived, I was whisked away after just 2 short weeks to receive a bone marrow transplant. The pic on left is right before I left and the one on the right is the day I got out of the hospital 5 weeks later. It took almost 2 years to really recover from the treatment. Today, I am healthy, happy and forever grateful. But, I want to do something about this hideous disease! Enough is enough!!

I am so tired of hearing about more and more people, children too, getting diagnosed with cancer. It robs people of precious time, at worst, their lives! Personally, I have spent over 4 years of my life trying to defeat Leukemia. Enduring awful side effects and isolation. I don’t want that for others.


Please join me in supporting our 2019 LLS fundraising campaign by donating to “Team Hardy Party”. You can support and learn about this effort by going to www.TeamHardyParty.com between now and June 5th. Even $5 will help!

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