Dog Days At Asbury Park Beach

Jersey Shore locals now get a chance to enjoy bringing our pooches to the beach. We know that in the Summer, most towns will not allow this, but now, you’re free to stroll along the water with your dog on its leash.

Of course, most towns define the “off-season,” with different start and end dates, so you’ll need to check their websites for more information. The Jersey Shore also has a few dedicated dog beaches, as well as coastal parks and refuges that will let your pooch come for a visit.
Here is a local favorite, not only because the beaches are wide and beautiful, but after your walk, you can meander into town for a bite at one of the many dog-friendly restaurants.

Photo by Beth Servidio

                                                                          ASBURY PARK DOG BEACH

Dogs are permitted on the Asbury Park Boardwalk from 9/15/21 through 5/15/22. Dogs MUST be leashed at all times.

DEAL LAKE DOG BEACH: From 9/23/21 through 5/15/22, licensed and supervised dogs can enjoy the Deal Lake Dog Beach at all hours. To help protect our beaches, please keep dogs off dunes. Dogs may be off-leash on the Deal Lake Dog Beach if properly supervised. Dogs that become aggressive or uncontrollable MUST be immediately leashed and removed from the area. Use the Deal Lake Drive entrance or the entrance at the north end of Fisherman’s Parking Lot to access the Deal Lake Dog Beach – do not use the 8th Avenue entrance from the Boardwalk.
PLEASE REMEMBER: dogs are not permitted on beaches other than the Deal Lake Dog Beach (all year) and dog owners are required to pick up immediately after their dogs or are subject to summonses and fines up to $1,000.

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