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Whether or not it’s justified, there are many instances when in the midst of a difficult divorce, the man is seen as the villain and aggressor. Emotions are on overdrive, children are upset, the wife wants things to go her way, the husband wants things his way. Everyone is being pulled in all different directions, and it’s hard to find clarity in the chaos.

This is when a divorce coach can be so beneficial to both the man and the woman. Seeing that men are oftentimes struggling in these situations, Hayley Lisa developed a coaching business over ten years ago designed to be the support system men definitely need.

“Women tend to already have strong support networks in place,” says Hayley, whereas men usually don’t.  One-on-one coaching enables them to see the bigger picture and become better dads and better at co-parenting. Hayley will not work with anyone intent on sabotaging their ex. She points out that that road inevitably leads to harming the children and their relationships with them in the future.

Hayley says that “men aren’t always the villain in the divorce story.” Unfortunately, she sees that sometimes women fall into a “victim” mentality which only worsens the pain and duration of a divorce. The main goal is for her clients to become “unstuck” by moving through the anger and chaos and reclaiming their power. This helps them to move forward in their lives quicker.

Practiced in “NVC” non-violent communication, Hayley brings her own life experiences and education into her coaching business. Born and raised in Long Branch and a graduate of Stockton College, Hayley now lives near Tampa after spending several years in Casper Wyoming! Because her business is virtual, Hayley has clients all over the country. Meetings are held on the phone and on Zoom.

Hayley Lisa

By structuring her coaching business around men, Hayley has seen how its positive impact has also helped the woman they are involved with. Both parents need to take into account that they are raising future men and women who will also be husbands and wives.

Her mantra is “Helping men step out of the chaos of divorce and co-parenting and reclaim their power through support and guidance.”

To Contact Hayley Lisa, “The Divorce Coach For Men” 


Phone: 561-339-3711

Email: thedivorcecoachformen@gmail.com


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