Darcy Park Boutique

By Joan Slowey Dellett ~

Clothes. Confidence. Community.  How many stores do you know or patronize that have that as their mission?  How often have you been in a clothing shop and felt that the clerk was offering you lip service on an outfit, just going for the sale instead helping you find what works best for you?  We all have. That’s why it is so nice to know that there is now a local shop that truly cares how the clothes you buy affect how you feel about yourself and your place in the world around you.

Brenda Darcy began her career in the corporate arena in New York City.  She and her husband began coming down to the Jersey Shore during the summer.  They eventually bought a house and commuted to their jobs in the city. Eventually tiring of the commute, Brenda decided it was time to make the leap to being her own boss.  But her own boss of what?

Brenda had been hosting “Wine and Wear” parties in her home for a while, bringing different designer fashions into her home and inviting friends and family over to share some wine and try on clothes without the pressure of a salesperson standing over them. During these events, she observed who was buying what and thought she could apply those observations she was making to a retail shop of her own.

Brenda had fallen in love with the town of Manasquan since moving to the shore and when space opened up downtown, she decided to make her move.  Remembering what her “Wine and Wear” customers were looking for, Brenda created Darcy Park Boutique with the goal to dress the everyday woman for all aspects of her whole life, featuring new brands and exciting designers for women who want to feel confident and stylish.  Although not wishing to exclude anyone, the shop is geared toward 40 somethings – casual but trendy showcasing quality brands with nice structure that are reasonably priced.

Brenda also had a vision besides selling clothing and accessories.  She also wanted to create a community where women can come together to share ideas, support and elevate each other.  Differentiating Darcy Park from other area shops was important to Brenda.  She is dedicated to supporting the women in the community and, in that spirit, Brenda will begin hosting workshops at Darcy Park to talk about issues important to women.  The first workshop tentatively scheduled for April will be a conversation on body image. Other future topics could include women and finances, dealing with menopause, leadership development, vocalizing needs and changing mindsets.

Having just opened this month, Brenda’s priorities are getting established, developing a steady target base and fostering the trust of her customers.  She truly wants them to leave her store not only feeling happy with their purchases but knowing that the clothes they have selected will give them the confidence to feel they can conquer the world – even if that world is a backyard BBQ party.

Darcy Park Women’s Boutique is located in downtown Manasquan at 121 Main Street.  You can check them out at www.darcypark.com or call Brenda at 917-842-6022.



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