Kid in school

Cleaning Kids Clothes After School Everyday

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Kids across the country are back in school and one of the biggest concerns parents have (besides their kids getting sick) is that they will be bringing germs from school back into the home. The priority is to keep the home decontaminated because that’s where we begin to worry about the spread to older individuals who are definitely more at risk.

A good rule of thumb is if your kid is at school, then anything they bring with them (including backpacks, school supplies and clothes/shoes) is potentially contaminated. With that in mind, start taking extra steps with sanitizing this fall. 

Electronic devices, backpacks, school supplies, lunch boxes and especially school clothes, masks and shoes all need extra attention.

Kids are pretty messy so it’s likely that they’re already used to changing when they get home from school. We suggest that kids do change their clothes, throw them in the laundry basket and take a shower or bathe when they get home. 

This ensures that any germs they could have picked up at school don’t spread around the house too. Laundering the clothes and linens properly helps ensure that the entire washing process should rid fabrics of the coronavirus.

That’s where we come in!

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