Chocolate Carousel Delivers with Uber Eats!

Content provided by our partner Lisa Porada, Chocolate Carousel ~

Have you heard the news?  Uber Eats has started operating at the Jersey Shore and Chocolate Carousel is one of their first dessert partners!  Uber Eats is a food delivery app which makes ordering food from your favorite local spots as easy as requesting a ride!

To get started just download the Uber Eats app and add your delivery address, from there you can see the menu offerings from your favorite local eateries.  Chocolate Carousel’s menu includes a variety of layer cakes, ice cream cakes, stuffed cupcakes, cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels, pastries, cake pops and more.  Placing your order on the app gets the ball rolling with the sound of an alarm alerting our kitchen that we have just a few minutes to get your request prepared and packaged for the Uber driver who will pick up from our location and deliver right to your door.  

So let me set the stage for you, you’ve just enjoyed a day at the beach and have a craving for some chocolate chip cookies, you are having a BBQ with friends and realized you didn’t pick up a cake for your best friends birthday or you have a great parking spot right out front and wouldn’t dare lose it to go grab some stuffed cupcakes for dessert tonight…no worries, just hit up your Uber Eats app and your favorite treats from Chocolate Carousel will be hand delivered right to you!

It seems to me the Jersey Shore just got a little sweeter!  We are excited to expand our delivery reach a little further and while we love seeing you in our shop we are pleased to be able to provide this service to our customers when delivery is simply more convenient.


Chocolate Carousel is widely known for its beautiful and delicious cake creations, creative design concepts and exceptional quality and service.  Chocolate Carousel has received a number of local and national awards for its work and philanthropy.

Lisa Porada is the owner and executive pastry chef at Chocolate Carousel in Wall, NJ.  Tune in on Wednesdays at noon on to watch and interact with Lisa as she demonstrates fun and creative recipes and techniques Live on Facebook.



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