Chill With Cryolete In Asbury Park

By Tracey Hall ~

Sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time. That happened to me last week when I went on a scheduled tour of Cryolete in Asbury Park. Located right next door to their sister business, Beach Box, Cryolete is quickly establishing themselves as a full body health and wellness center.

The manager, Katie was very knowledgeable on the equipment and procedures and was kind enough to show me what they do. “Cryotherapy” is the practice of exposing your skin to very cold temperature. This causes your blood supply to flow to your most vital organs in order to relay more oxygen and nutrients. When completed, the enriched blood is flushed back into the body. Adrenaline and endorphins are released which help with curbing inflammation, easing pain and boosting your mood.

There is a menu of cryo choices from the full body chamber to facelifts and body sculpting. Katie suggested I try the cryo facelift and of course I agreed! This is done with warm and freezing temperatures applied through a sculpting wand directly on the face. The process boosts collagen production that helps with skin elasticity and brightness.

For a first timer like me, the cold temperature took a moment to get used to, but quickly it felt very invigorating and I was curious to see the results! My skin had that “Instant Glow” as described and I noticed that my frown lines were much more tight and less noticeable. How intriguing!

Although my impromptu session was over, I can understand why customers create a wellness “package” customized for their specific needs. Katie or the owner, Wayne Strobel, can guide you in starting a great workout routine at Beach Box and a follow-up recovery plan at Cryolete. Take advantage of the infrared sauna, the  juice bar or vitamin I.V. therapy

If you’d like to try a cryo service, you can receive $50 cryo cash to be used towards any purchase expiring on June 1st, or a complimentary anti age facelift with any purchase of $99 value, also expiring June 1st!

Be sure to use the code: Jersey Shore Scene


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