Business is a Spiritual Practice

By Maria Fontana ~

If you’re having trouble earning, Where are you fearful of letting others see your talents? If you’re giving your work away for free, Where and why do you fail to value what you do? If you fail to celebrate your achievements, Where do you need to cultivate gratitude? If your business doesn’t feel like it’s fulfilling any longer, What needs to shift? If you’re no longer devoted to your business, What changes could occur? 

You already know the answers. Each of us already knows the answers. Our only jobs are to admit the answers to ourselves. To become quiet. To let truths fall and to pave out a new path, Where we integrate business as a spiritual practice. 

Because contrary to popular belief, business is a spiritual practice. 

Business is one of the most spiritual things that I do. Every morning when I wake up, I believe someone cares about what I’m doing today and the reason why I’m doing it. 

I am an intuitive consultant, healer and the creator of the Maria Fontana Transformation. Whenever I am dreaming up new projects, I have enormous faith in the process of bringing each one to life and you need to do the same. 

When I don’t feel like creating anything, I have to trust that the inspiration will come when I engage in the discipline of doing. You need to do the same. When I answer emails and phone calls, I have to practice devotion to kindness, patience, and grace. And you need to do the same. When money is tight, I have to trust that it will come and you need to do the same. When money is abundant, I have to remain focused enough to stay on the path that I currently am and to keep working, building and growing with integrity and grace. And you need to do the same. 

As a business owner, we all have to have faith in this – all of this. Every minute of the business is worth it. We are working towards building something higher, stronger, better and deeper. Business is a spiritual practice.  

Spirituality is a word that can be tricky to define. The Oxford American Dictionary defines it as … of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to the material or physical things. 

For me as a business owner I would define spirituality as any connection we feel to a greater purpose existence or reality than ourselves.

BusinessWeek magazine in Australia recently found that productivity improves and turnover is greatly reduced when organizations engage in programs that use spiritual techniques for their employees.



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