Beware of Radio/Internet Ads Promising Tax “Relief”

By Chris Whalen, CPA ~

It is extremely rare that the IRS, or any state, will reduce your tax liabilities when you have the ability to pay them in the future.

The radio and internet are filled with blatantly false and misleading ads from “Tax Consultants.”

These ads infer that almost everyone is a candidate for “Tax Debt Relief.”

Again, this is false and extremely rare. Their ads and websites ask questions like “How much tax debt do you have?”

They promise that “They can reduce your tax liabilities!” And

“They have access to special IRS programs!”

The scam runs this way. After initial intake of your information, they request an exorbitant retainer, and have you sign a very one-sided engagement letter or contract. These engagement letters or contracts are biased towards them and promise you nothing. They are under no obligation to provide you with any results at all. They then will contact you several weeks later and let you know you are not eligible for a tax reduction, but they can get you on payment plan.

Once you realize you have been scammed it is too late and your larger retainer will never be returned. Many people are very desperate and frightened when they have a sudden tax bill. These companies prey on your fears.

There is no need for fear. All you need is good, honest and educated advice from someone that genuinely cares about the best outcome for you.

Tax Laws are complex.

It is very easy to make mistakes that can incur penalties.

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