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Back to School is in full swing and we need to remember to keep our children healthy during the entire school year. Dr. Martin Fried combines pediatrics with nutrition, giving patients his tailored food plans. He has made enormous advances and discoveries in the field of pediatric gastric diseases, and uses his board certification as a pediatric nutritionist to help curb America’s obesity epidemic in children. He is also known for being the first physician to discover a connection between Lyme Disease and gastrointestinal disease and symptoms. Among his many articles he has published include care for children’s nutrition in those with cystic fibrosis or other physical handicaps.

Dr. Fried is an American Board Certified Physician Nutrition Specialist (ABPNS) and a Pediatric Gastroenterologist. By listening to his patients, Dr. Fried builds a relationship that allows him to take all facets of health and wellbeing into account. In an effort to bring awareness on how to prevent obesity in children, Dr. Fried offers these tips to help your child achieve a healthier weight:

1-Get moving- the simple act of walking can burn calories and put you on the road to being more active. Take the stairs or take a walk after dinner.    Martial arts, biking, renting exercise DVDs, choose something that you feel you or your child can stick to.

2-Ditch the soda. Substitute water for Sugary soda and sport drinks and you can lose up to a pound a month.

3-Learn to take care of emotional needs without turning to food. People often use food to fill a void or seek comfort. It creates a vicious cycle.

4-Enforce bedtime since not enough sleep increases your appetite.

5-Focus on small smart changes and the results will follow.

If the entire house is filled with healthy meals and snacks, then it becomes the norm for everyone to eat well. No one is singled out. It also helps to turn off the TV. The more you watch, the more likely you are to gain excess weight. Try for less than one to two hours a day.Remember, weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is a process- it doesn’t happen overnight.

Call 732 -682- 3425 to contact Dr Fried if your child is overweight and you are looking for a solution to help because weight does matter. Dr. Fried is a gastroenterologist in Ocean, New Jersey who combines the practice of medicine with a specialization in nutrition.  He is one of only 300 doctors across the country who specializes in this area of medicine. As a Physician Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Fried brings a unique point of view to his patients because his training and his approach is more comprehensive than traditional primary care physicians.

“Your health and wellness is my primary concern,”  Martin D. Fried, MD 


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