Autism Awareness

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April is Autism Awareness Month and one of the areas where Dr. Martin Fried can help with a specialized treatment program. There are things to look for in children prior to diagnosing:

Social interactions

Difficulty establishing friendships with children same age

Lack of interest in sharing enjoyment with others

Verbal skills

Delay or lack in learning to talk

Problems continuing a conversation after it has begun

Repetitive use of language of a phrase they have heard

Limited interest in activities or play

Focus on parts of toys rather than playing with entire toy

Preoccupation with certain topics, as video games, trading cards

A need for routines- eat bread before salad or insist on driving the same route to school every day

Body rocking and hand flapping

Treatment overview

One of Dr Fried’s goals would be to help you find if there is a chemical imbalance in the childs neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin. A serotonin imbalance can be related to constipation, spasms and leaky gut in children with autism.

Dr Fried can find chemical imbalances through genetic testing of DNA and enzymes.

Treatment including nutritional strategies are tailored to the individual needs and may include supplements- but only after an underlying biochemical cause of the problem is known. Dr Fried endorses a tailored approach based on genetic testing.

According to Dr. Fried, children with autism respond best to highly structured and specialized treatments. He also suggests that a customized program that helps parents while improving communication, social behavior, adaptive and learning aspects of a child’s life will be most successful.

Call 732 -682- 3425 to contact Dr Fried for an initial consult that leads to a comprehensive treatment plan. Dr. Fried is a gastroenterologist in Ocean, New Jersey who combines the practice of medicine with a specialization in nutrition.  He is one of only 300 doctors across the country who specializes in this area of medicine. As a Physician Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Fried brings a unique point of view to his patients because his training and his approach is more comprehensive than traditional primary care physicians.

“Your health and wellness is my primary concern,”  Martin D. Fried, MD

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