Asbury Park’s Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban Began January 1, 2020.

Ban Will Help Eliminate Litter and Keep Plastic Bags from Ending Up in Lakes and Ocean.

To help eliminate litter and keep them from ending up in our lakes, oceans and sewer system, City Council has voted to ban single-use plastic bags.

Asbury Park’s Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban began January 1, 2020.
Single-use plastic bags cannot be provided by retailers or food establishments at customer check-out.
Instead, businesses may provide single-use paper bags or reusable bags at a minimum fee of $0.10 to
the customer (maximum $0.25 on paper, no maximum on reusable bags), or customers may bring their
own reusable bag. Exceptions include supermarket bags without handles for produce and meat to
prevent cross-contamination; prescription drug bags; hardware store bags for screws and bolts; laundry
and dry-cleaning bags; newspaper delivery bags; and plastic bags used by recipients of public assistance
“We continue to create policies and regulations that promote environmental stewardship and hope this
small change in Asbury Park will create a big impact for future generations,” said Mayor John Moor,
“Other municipalities who have passed plastic bag bans have seen a dramatic increase in reusable bag
use and a decrease in plastic bags found in storm drains and clogging up recycling operations. We look
forward to seeing those same results in Asbury Park.”
“Our ultimate goal is to keep Asbury Park’s beaches, ocean and lakes free of pollution,” said Deputy
Mayor Amy Quinn, “Plastic is the most common type of marine litter worldwide and it doesn’t
biodegrade. Instead, it ends up breaking up into small particles that stay in the water and enter our food
chain. As a beachside community, it’s our responsibility to protect our environment and create a
sustainable future for Asbury Park.”
For more information, visit or see the Single-Use Plastic Bag
Ban Ordinance (No. 2019-23) in the City Code section of
For business owners looking to help keep costs down by partnering with other businesses on
bulk paper or reusable bag purchases, contact 732-502-5724.
For additional questions on the Plastic Bag ban, contact City Manager Donna M. Vieiro
at 732-502-5755 or