Are You Planting Seeds Of JOY?

What life gives you today is what you asked for yesterday.

Or another way to say this is: What you plant. Grows.

It is a pattern. A habit.

And if you do not like what life is serving you,

giving you the same thing day after day,

you need to do something different.

May you have the courage to break the patterns in your life that are no longer serving you.

Lucie Dickenson

I have a workshop tomorrow, Tuesday, March 15th at Bellworks in Holmdel where I will teach you how to pull out the outdated habits and beliefs and plant seeds of JOY!


I can help you. If you feel stuck. Lost.

I can teach you incredible, easy and effective ways to let go and live in a life that brings you joy!

This workshop is for YOU!!!!

Complete with digging deep into the roots of our belief system. And we will be working with actual seeds, dirt and smiles to metaphorically understand

how to let go of yesterday and allow what we plant today to bloom. In just 75 minutes you will experience a massive shift!


Only a few spots left and registration closes this evening. Register now to remind your soul that JOY is your natural state.

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