Apple Mustard Chicken And Pork


Chicken breast-boneless/skinless- cut into strips

Pork- boneless pork loin is great-cut into strips or chunks

Red onions- cut into strips-1 small.

Bell peppers- diced or strips-1 large.


Apples- (no need to peel) core & slice-any will do, but I like Wine sap

Orange-slice-remove seeds-slice thin- rind and all

Mustard-regular yellow Ballpark is OK

Oil-to prevent sticking


Chopped garlic-tsp.

White/black & red pepper- to taste


In a large skillet add just enough oil to prevent sticking. Add seasoning, oranges, half apples to oil, and stir for a couple of minutes. Add meats, all veggies & fruit. Sauté on low until meat is done and the apples added begin to break down. Pull meat and plate-spoon sauce and pan contents over the meats. You can serve it over rice or with a side of baked or mashed potato.



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