Anonymous Gift Enables Pollinator Garden at Edgemere Park In Sea Girt

MCF has been awarded $10,000 from a foundation that wishes to remain anonymous in support of building a new pollinator garden at Edgemere Park in Sea Girt, New Jersey. A 2.69-acre natural green space situated in a built-out area, Edgemere Park has long been neglected and underused but has recently undergone a rebirth thanks to the efforts of a collaborative of non-profit organizations led by the Sea Girt Conservancy. Efforts are well underway to expand the park’s visibility, access, and recreation opportunities in line with the Sea Girt Conservancy’s master plan. They are now poised to install the pollinator garden as a centerpiece of Edgemere Park, benefiting visitors as well as the natural environment.

Edgemere Park
The pollinator garden will include native plants, predominantly flowering plants, which will attract and provide vital habitat and food for pollinators such as hummingbirds, bees, moths, and butterflies. Pollinators are critical to our planetary ecosystem, and they are facing global declines due to habitat loss, poor nutrition, and pesticide exposure. No matter the size, natural spaces serve as a green corridor, connecting wildlife populations separated by human activities, structures, and development.
The Sea Girt Conservancy also plans to install an accessible walkway, benches, educational and interpretive signage, and bird and pollinator feeders. Once constructed, visitors who drive, walk, or bike to Edgemere Park may enjoy the garden for tranquil reflection, photography and art, birding and wildlife viewing, walking and hiking, picnics and social visits, and other passive and active recreation. Residents of Sea Girt, tourists visiting the region, and individuals of all ages will be served by the park and fully accessible garden.
We are incredibly grateful for the generous funding to enable this project and pleased to continue collaborating with the Borough of Sea Bright and the Sea Gift Conservancy.

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