Andrea Phox’s Long Branch’s Everyday Heroes Exhibit

Join Andrea Phox, Friday, November 12th, at Long Branch Arts & Cultural Center, 7 pm- 9 pm for the opening reception of Long Branch’s Everyday Heroes campaign. The images in this exhibit were commissioned by the City of Long Branch for various health and wellness campaigns, one being a vaccination campaign for Covid-19, and the other for a water fountain that the city will be opening in one of the parks.
Andrea Phox came up with the campaign concept. In addition to the photography, she also directed it and chose the participants. All the people in this exhibit are past or current residents of Long Branch, many of whom are well-known members of the community, such as Mayor John Pallone, Congressman Frank Pallone,  members of the medical community, and owners of local businesses.
The show, Long Branch’s Everyday Heroes, reflects on the fact that anyone in a community can do their part and work together to make a better and healthier environment for everyone. The water posters also reflect on how important being fit and active are and the importance that hydration plays in people’s overall health and wellness.

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