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I had the good fortune of working with Denise Pauline years ago while in sales at The Two River Times. Her shop, Pauline’s Paperie was and still is a mainstay in the Jersey Shore town of Fair Haven. Located at 775 River Road, everyone goes to her for the exquisite attention to detail when a perfect invitation is needed.

Mothers and daughters come in together to design the perfect wedding invitation. Denise loves working with them! She knows that inevitably, this could mean they need a bridal shower invite and an eventual baby shower invite would need to be planned as well.

From birthday and holiday parties to retirement parties and everything in between, Pauline’s Paperie has been a part of so many family and business gatherings. Her little shop offered everything from stationery to greeting cards.

Denise started her career with Revlon and was with them for 15 years. Not expecting to be caught up in corporate downsizing, she then started with a paper company and was downsized again! Looking for her next career move and not really finding the perfect fit, in 2000, her sister suggested that it made sense to start her own store. Self-taught with what she learned at that paper company and all ready to go, the first location opened at 116 Chestnut, near St. Anthony’s Church in Red Bank.

Denise stayed in Red Bank for ten years, then moved into the Fair Haven location in 2010.

As life comes full circle, another change is in the works as she and her new partner Rochelle Cauvin prepare for the next move into shared space at By George Baby a few doors away.

Ro, of Red Admiral Design, brings a creative graphic arts background and will undoubtedly have great ideas on guiding people with their stationery needs. Although Denise has no plans to retire, the new space will be by appointment only. 

Over the years, Pauline’s Paperie weathered storms literally like Hurricane Sandy, and also huge national events like 9-11 and Covid. She said that no matter what was happening, the business has persevered with tons of tenacity! Denise loves people and loves watching for the latest trends and passing them along to her long term clients. She has worked with several generations of many local families.


By George Baby is located at 825 River Road in Fair Haven and is owned and operated by Kathy Swan.

You can stop by Pauline’s Paperie from now until the end of the month for a moving sale with 50% off everything.

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