3 Tips to Get A Handle On Compulsive Shopping

By Vanessa Coppes

I am totally going there today…The designer handbag that you just had to have. The black pumps -or the 6 different ones- you got because each one has its own outfit. The little black dress, and the little yellow one, and the red one?

I know I have these, and many more little treasures tucked away because you love them so, you couldn’t part from it/them, etc., etc. etc. 
Or is there another reason?
Think about it for a second.

Are you really going to wear those jeans you haven’t worn since college? 

Isn’t it time you we all got back to a more  conscious state of buying? What you need, when you need it as opposed to what you want, when you want it?
Truth: I’ve personally been there. I’ve done the irrational, like buying a new pair of shoes for my son’s 6 month checkup, or stocking up on tooth paste and paper towels before having a ‘heart to heart’ with my husband, I could go on. That all felt really good and fun, and it soothed me, but only for a minute.
As much as I love fashion, I questioned if it was sane to follow it to the point of buying compulsively. It isn’t. 
Here’s the great news! When you elevate your awareness of abundance, you are then able to tame your desires for what you want, with the validation of what you already have.
Here are 3 things you can start to do right now to get a handle on compulsive shopping:
1) Think abundantly. When you’re stressed, your nervous system desires nesting, feeding, grooming, and therefore buying. If you focus on how much you have, buying can remain dormant.
2) Make a list. Do it before you head to the store and stick to it. Take a friend with you if it means she/he will help you to stay on track.
3) Practice Moderation.  Clear out, use up, or donate what you don’t need.
The more you become used to this way of dealing with the stuff in your life, you’ll start to meet your need by shopping amongst the things you’ve already bought. You’ll even mix and match clothes for new looks in your own closet. This way of living is not only a more creative way, but it makes you feel incredibly capable too.
Have you ever dealt with compulsive/emotional shopping? Would love to learn how you’ve dealt with it, leave me a comment below!

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