Is Making Mom Friends Harder Than Dating?

By Hollie Fallon ~
Let me start by saying that I have always felt uncomfortable making new friends as an adult. It really is a
whole new ball game from the days of meeting your BFF on the playground.
I have found it more difficult than dating. I think it’s because I cared more about what these women
thought of me… do you think I’m nice? Do you think I’m a good mom?
Can I infiltrate your already established mom clique? Do I want to?
Then you meet a mom and you actually exchange numbers. Do I text her and ask her if she wants to get
the kids together? Maybe I’ll start casual ; ask her a question about what baby soap she uses.
Should I invite her over? Oh gosh, I’ll have to clean my house and bake! What will she think of my
decor? Will she judge the excessive amount of toys my boys have? Do I need to provide entertainment for
her children?

Maybe I over thought it a bit…
Fast forward – we’ve had a few “dates” and we’ve had a great time! Then schedules get busy, and two
months after your first hang out together, you still haven’t managed to schedule that play date you had
been promising. Just like dating, forging these new mom relationships requires momentum , or the
relationship will fizzle before it ever gets to flourish. Make time for this mama;, she could be your life
long friend!
Where do we meet these moms? There are mommy and me groups all over the place! Whether it is a new
mom support group, a mommy and me play place, or a stroller fitness class, these moms are everywhere
and chances are they are looking for friends as well.
Make the first move mama. We’re all in the same boat going through very similar things. This can be
easier than dating! That mom next to you in your stroller fitness class doing 700 burpees could be your
new best friend.

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