March is a Time for Transition

By Lucie Dickenson ~

It is March, and with that turn in the calendar, we hear over and over “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” In fact, last week was a great reminder of how the weather of March is unpredictable and certainly was in line with coming in like a lion.

The idea is that March starts off with a punch of winter, but by the end of the month, spring is in the air with much milder weather. The origins of this proverb are unknown, but there is thought it has to do with the stars. At the beginning of March, the constellation Leo (the lion) is on the eastern horizon at sunset, but as the end of the month arrives, Aries (the ram) is on the western horizon.

We are aligned with the universe and as such, also experience these changes.

Winter is the time where we are hunkered down and have time to reflect and go inward. It is a time for cultivating creative ideas and imagining those dreams coming to fruition. It is a great space for vision boards and goal setting because it is the planning stage of our cycle. Lions enjoy relaxing and lazing around, as do we in winter. However, like a lion, we are getting ready to pounce on our energized visions come warmer weather.

Spring is the time where we take inspired action. We put into motion what was created in our minds over the winter. We planted seeds of growth in the winter, and now those seeds are sprouting to give us proof of how energy in the right direction provides results. The ram is a symbol of determination, taking initiative and leading. The lamb is a social animal with extremely high senses. Both of these animals describe the characteristics of what is needed for us to push forward and grow into our purpose.

We are connected to everything, and when we notice those relationships are signs for us to bring forth our best, our energy is matched with all that is possible in this universe.

March is our time for transition, wishing you all greatness in the month ahead.


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