10 Father’s Day Tips For Dads Who Love Fishing

For millions of Americans, finding the right gift for Father’s Day is really hard. Especially if your Dad loves fishing – what do you get for a guy who seems to own every fishing lure under the sun?

Well, the fishing folks at Rapala lures understand this dilemma all too well. So, they’ve combined their shared wisdom to offer some ideas that kids and grandkids of all ages can use to make this the best Father’s Day ever.

1. Ask your dad for advice – Dads love to be asked for advice. For example, ask your fish-loving dad his advice for the best bass-catchin’ fishing lures, or what type of presentation you should use for mid-summer walleyes.

2. Take your dad fishing – Dads always have to ask their kids or grandkids whether they’d like to go fishing. This Father’s Day, turn the tables on Dad. Ask him to go fishing and plan the entire day.

3. Surprise him with a gift he really wants – Necktie? Coffee mug? Forget about it. Get Dad what he really wants such as a really well-made fishing lure, like an OG Rocco 5 crankbait, designed by Ott DeFoe, one of the nation’s top pro bass anglers, and a handmade card. You got this.

4. Get on the water – Spending time on the water fishing with Dad is quality time. Don’t own a boat? No worries. You can rent a boat. Borrow a friend’s canoe. Buy or rent a couple of kayaks. Or head to the nearest beach, river or stream and cast a line out from a pier or shore.

5. Post a selfie with your dad – This Father’s Day, show how proud you are of your dad by taking a selfie of you fishing with him and post it on one of your social media pages. When you take a photo, make sure he holds his big catch out to make his catch look as big as possible in the photo.

6. Learn a new skill – Dads love it when you learn a practical skill that you can use for a lifetime, such as learning to back a trailer or boat up or replacing old fishing line with newer fishing line on his favorite fishing reels.

7. Look out for your dad when he doesn’t know how to look out for himself – Dads think they know a lot, but they often have a blind spot for taking care of themselves. Case in point – wearing protective clothing when they’re outside in the sun. Get your dad a good hat, some cool sunglasses and a protective, long-sleeve shirt with UPF 50+ UV protection.

8. More time fishing, less time organizing – Help Dad catch more fish by helping him reorganize his fishing gear. There are numerous ways to organize gear, starting with the Rapala SmartHub System, which allows anglers to better organize their fishing gear in the boat, in the garage or basement and in an ice fishing house.

9. Laugh at his dad jokes – Spending time with dear ol’ Dad means listening to his dad jokes. You might want to bring a couple of fish counters to compare the number of fish caught to the number of jokes told.

10. Teach the next generation – Spending time with Dad on Father’s Day is great, but what will probably bring the biggest smile to his face is bringing along a new angler to the party and allowing Dad to show your kids how to catch fish. Dads love to teach kids how to fish, remove hooks and safely handle fish. (BPT) –


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