Conversations About The Light2

The Light in 9-11 And The Life That Went On

By Tracey Hall ~

This is a day we all pause. We all remember where we were and how the world held it’s breathe as we watched the towers come down. Back then, I knew many people who lost loved ones but it wasn’t until recently that my path crossed with Lisa Luckett.

Hers is a story of incredible strength and a rare softness to allow her to see the good in something so bad. Life does go on as they say and she went on to raise her three children and bare her soul in her first book called “The Light in 9-11.”9-11

I asked her to speak at an event a few years ago and from then on we kept in touch in person and in our writing:

The covid experience in 2020 has brought us to a new project where we are speaking about finding the light in covid. This is a video series that’s available to watch on both of our YouTube channels. Who knows where this will go? One thing is certain, the sentiments are real and it is our hope to include you in our conversations about the light.