Screaming For Veggie Ice Cream!

While young consumers have evolved, one thing has remained constant: Kids don’t always like to eat their vegetables.

To that end, hidden veggies have become popular in dozens of products, from fries and waffles to pizza and “rice.” But Peekaboo, a Miami-based startup, is hiding vegetables in the least likely of places: ice cream.

This month, five flavors of what the company calls the only “organic super-premium ice cream infused with veggies” will go on sale in Kroger stores. According to a release from the company, its products are already available in 2,500 stores nationwide, including Safeway, Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, Lazy Acres and Shop-Rite.

While they may actually taste good, the flavors sound less-than-appealing: Strawberry with Hidden Carrots, Vanilla with Hidden Zucchini, Mint Chocolate Chip with Hidden Spinach, Chocolate with Hidden Cauliflower and Cotton Candy with Hidden Beets.

Several articles about the company say the veggies are completely undetectable in the flavors. Founder and CEO Jessica Levinson told Delish that she deliberately chose vegetables that don’t have strong tastes on their own to blend into the background of the frozen treat.