Saying and Doing Are Two Different Things

It’s been a crazy year and a half with everyone trying to figure out what is the best course of action to avoid getting sick from a relentless virus. For me personally, it’s also the beginning of my seventh decade on this planet, or as some call it “the third third.”

With so much focus on the virus, it made sense that a healthier version of myself would be best suited to recover if God forbid, I happen to get sick. This led to the realization that I want to go into this new decade STRONG and I needed help in getting myself there.

The first and most important thing was to admit that what I was doing wasn’t working, even though I was always a consistent fast-paced walker and thought I ate a pretty healthy diet. WRONG

It was obvious that in order to get my body to change, my habits had to change. I decided to find a personal trainer who could motivate and educate me on strengthening my aging body without injury. I also joined an online nutrition coaching app for further education on what exactly was in the diet I was eating.

This journey has brought me incredible results at only 3 months in. I will share more of that journey and hope my words will encourage others to get stronger now. There is a HUGE difference between “Saying” and “Doing.” Take it from me, the “doing” is not easy. I am sore, I get tired and sometimes that voice in my head says to knock it off, but this is how I want to live my third third- graceful, mindful and really kick-ass strong!

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