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Some angels choose fur instead of wings.

Ten Best Dog Breeds to Adopt For Families

Content provided by our partner Noah's Ark Pet Crematory ~ We’ve seen on the news that because of the major storm impacting the South, there will be many dogs brought up here to New Jersey for adoption. Before deciding on bringing a new dog home, offers five sample questions to ask.  According to Holly Putnam, DVM, board member for the Association of Shelter Veterinarians: Is the dog safe for all members of the family? Some dogs are perfectly happy to socialize with everyone in the family, while some prefer only adults or one gender. What type of energy level is the dog?  You may want a dog that will accompany you and the family on long walks, or one that

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Choosing A Pet Sitter

Content Provided By Our Partner Noah's Ark Pet Crematory ~ Why hire a pet sitter? According to, there are many things to consider when you need to

Pet Owners Grieve As Well

Reprinted with permission from The Monmouth Journal, by Muriel Smith ~ Pet owners receive special care at Noah’s Ark  MANASQUAN – Kevin Orender knows how to help people

Caring for Community Cats

Content provided by our partner Noah's Ark Pet Crematory, Feral felines, every community has them. They live in backyards, vacant buildings, streets and fields. To survive, they eat

Be Alert for Canine Influenza

Due to the rapid spread of a new strain of the highly contagious canine influenza virus throughout the United States, we recommend that any dog that comes in

A Dog’s Tale

by Sharon Merkel Prudhomme ~ I’m an animal person 100%! My poor mom however, who, although owning a dog (her childhood beloved Barney) and a canary was not

My Furry Valentine

Content provided by our partner Noah's Ark Pet Crematorium ~ Valentine’s Day is all about recognizing our sweethearts with candy, flowers or a night out for a romantic

Dog Days at the Beach

Jersey Shore locals now get a chance to enjoy bringing our pooches to the beach. We know that in the Summer, most towns will not allow this, but

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