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Mommy Has Boo-Boos On Her Boobies

By Joan Slowey Dellett ~ Receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer can be devastating.  Trying to incorporate doctors’ visits and treatments into your daily work and home life

Weight Wellness Over 40- Sleep

Content provided by our partner, Carol Wilson ~ Continuing with my theme of Weight Wellness Over 40 – I have previously touched on metabolism and sarcopenia.  This month

I’m Afraid

By Deborah Marini ~ I don’t actually know when it started. I don’t know if you’re born with it or if life inserts it into your soul… But

It’s National Running Day

By Barbara Hay ~ Since 2009, the first Wednesday in June has been designated as National Running Day Designed as a day for runners to reaffirm their passion

Top Five Medicinal Plants

Medicinal plants don’t have to be exotic specimens that grow in jungle climates, and they aren’t always ancient herbs propagated by our ancient ancestors. In fact, you may already be growing

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