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I’m Not Ready To Say Goodbye

By Tracey Hall ~ Recently I’ve noticed anxiety building up amongst my friends especially when reading posts on social media. What’s going on? It’s Back to School season and many women are preparing to send their first born to college. A true testament to the skills and love we’ve instilled in our children as they venture off fully detached from our apron springs. On the other hand, I see young Moms feeling just as anxious as their little ones head off to preschool for the first time. The exact same emotion floods their souls as deeply as the Moms whose kids are off to college. Separation is not something we aspire to, yet we know that we do need to

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What is L-Healing?

By Lucie Dickenson ~ L-Healing or Letters, Love & Light is a simple 3-step technique that has literally changed people's lives and given them the emotional freedom they

The Gift of Motherhood

By Tracey Hall ~ Today is the day we recognize all that Moms do for their family. As a Mom, I realize I’m also a daughter, granddaughter, sister,

Fear or Love

By Lucie Dickenson ~ Every second, of every day, you are speaking, thinking and acting out of fear or love.  When you are in a state of love,

You Are What You Eat

Wellness Wednesday Content provided by our partner Dr. Martin Fried ~ We've all heard this phrase before. But now you can eat for who you are. The question

Spring Awakening

By Lucie Dickenson ~ Flowers easily let go of what no longer serves them. When their season is over they wilt and lose their petals, but their inner

The Ripple Effect

By Lucie Dickenson ~ What an incredible phenomenon. The idea is that we are all connected. Within these connections, we have the ability to create energy that expands

Forest Therapy Earth Day Walk

What better way to experience why land preservation is so important to our health than to immerse yourself in nature at one of the nature walks promoted by

Autism Awareness

Wellness Wednesday Content provided by our partner Dr. Martin Fried ~ April is Autism Awareness Month and one of the areas where Dr. Martin Fried can help with

Tips For Going Dairy Free

Dairy-free nutrition tips for the 65 percent of people who are lactose intolerant (BPT) - Do you love dairy, but usually regret eating it shortly after it's gone?

World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day aims to increase people's awareness about people, especially children, with autism. The day often features educational events for teachers, health care workers and parents,

Your Wish Is My Command

By Lucie Dickenson ~ Siri for iPhone. Alexa from Amazon. Cortana for Microsoft. These are examples of virtual personal assistants. How they work is you have the opportunity

“Team Mary Menser” Walk MS 2018!

By Sharon Merkel Prudhomme ~ Multiple Sclerosis AKA MS, a potentially disabling disease affecting the brain and spinal cord-the central nervous system. It is a long-lasting disease which

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