Love Is A Verb- Share Some Today

By Tracey Hall ~

What is a verb? A word that signals action or a state of being. Love is action and a state of mind. Do you love? Are you doing love? Is love a part of your consciousness? Love is a verb.

Is something stopping you from expressing that love? Are you telling those special ones that you love them? How are you showing them?

Love is the universal tie that binds. It pulls us and stretches us to limits we didn’t know we had. Love cures, love heals. Love wipes clean the slate of resentment and hurt. Love is the balm to our distressed soul. This small, four-letter word, is a verb of distinct action where the opposite reaction is still love.

Love is mirrored when given and then received.

Love is a verb heard all around the world in every different language and culture. The action of love is not bound by geography, culture, sex, age, denomination, heritage, ancestry, religion, or time. It is cellular, within all of us. It’s in our nature to look beyond the outside and see the love inside. It’s all around us just waiting to be acted upon.

Love is a verb, take action today!Conversations About the Light

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