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Don’t Call it a Setback, Call it a Comeback

By Lucie Dickenson ~ As I began my healing from anxiety, I realized very quickly the process was not a straight path. My journey of recovery started slowly, where I would feel better for only minutes at a time. If you are experiencing anxiety around the clock, a minute of freedom is a welcome blessing. Before long, these minutes would turn into hours, and then days of relief. There were nights that I would sleep though the night and I would wake thrilled that I could once again rest and enjoy true restorative sleep. That is why the first setback hit me so hard. It was such a blow to my confidence. I remember exactly where I was and what

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Spring Awakening

By Lucie Dickenson ~ Flowers easily let go of what no longer serves them. When their season is over they wilt and lose their petals, but their inner

The Ripple Effect

By Lucie Dickenson ~ What an incredible phenomenon. The idea is that we are all connected. Within these connections, we have the ability to create energy that expands

Forest Therapy Earth Day Walk

What better way to experience why land preservation is so important to our health than to immerse yourself in nature at one of the nature walks promoted by

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