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Locals and Legends

People, families and history that make the Jersey Shore unique

Lanturn Tour at Fort Hancock: Defending NY in WWII

The National Park Service and the Army Ground Forces Association (AGFA) will bring you back in time to Friday, May 18th, 1943, to learn about defending New York Harbor against the German Navy and their submarines, called U-Boats, that were operating off the Jersey Shore during WWII. The tour will meet at the FORT HANCOCK MUSEUM (aka the Post Guardhouse), located adjacent to the Sandy Hook Lighthouse, at 5:45 PM. It's official building number is 28, and it is located on Kearney Road. This is a one story building with four very large and brightly painted artillery shells out in front of it. It is due west of the Light House, and is only a one minute walk away. Please

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