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Locals and Legends

People, families and history that make the Jersey Shore unique

Giving the Gift of Kindness for 25 Years

For those unfamiliar with Holiday Express, this is a must read from the angel in charge and his band of musical magicians. They bring light and love where ever they go and if you haven't seen them perform, make it a priority this year. You'll be glad you did. To the Holiday Express family, I think that when the idea of doing 100 events in our 25th year was first brought up (okay, it was me), I hadn’t really considered the logistical and budgetary implications involved. Well, watching everyone really step up to make sure that it not only happened, but that all of our “clients” were treated with the same level of care and compassion as always, was an

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Deep Cut Gardens

By Carole Masters ~ Looking for just a walk in the park or some inspiration for your own garden? Deep Cut Gardens should be your destination. Located along

A Weekend in Old Monmouth

 We live in an area steeped in rich historic heritage. This weekend, May 5th and 6th, you can take a trip back in time and see how events

Fisherman’s Cove

Located in Manasquan Borough, Fisherman's Cove has been a local spot that has not been affected by the building craze. Known to be pet friendly, the 65 acres

Edel Haus Alpaca Farm

By Joan Slowey Dellet ~ Maybe you’ve seen them. Or you saw something but couldn’t be sure what you were seeing. You’re driving down Allaire Road in Wall

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