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King Dollar is Back

By Marc Chandler ~ The US dollar’s exchange is important to investors.  Many diversified portfolios have international exposure.  Exchange rates tend to be more volatile than bonds and less volatile than stocks.  Academic work finds that as a result, the changes in dollar’s exchange rate could account for as much as two-thirds of the return of a global bond fund and a third of the return of a global equity fund.     A year ago, the Dutch and French elections signaled that UK referendum to leave the EU and the US election of Trump did not usher in a populist-nationalist epoch, such as the one that proceeded the last great financial crisis.  The euro gapped higher and did not look back.   Macron's

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Darcy Park Boutique

By Joan Slowey Dellett ~ Clothes. Confidence. Community.  How many stores do you know or patronize that have that as their mission?  How often have you been in

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