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The Coupe or the Flute?

By Kacey Roy ~ I'm a lover of champagne, most recently, pink champagne. There is something feminine, fun and fancy about indulging in this beautifully bubbly sip; am I right? This week I posted a poll featuring two timeless glasses and asked my clients: which do you prefer to drink your champagne from? The coupe? Or, the flute? I was not so surprised that the flute took the poll, but I was surprised that the flute beat the coupe with stats as follows. 71% of those polled prefer the flute. I myself voted in favor of the coupe so I was surprised that I was in such small company. This inspired me to see how the equally iconic glasses came

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Six Month Anniversary

By Tracey Hall ~ It's fitting that the six month anniversary of Jersey Shore Scene falls within Small Business Week. This venture was developed after working many years

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